Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Tamara Van Wijk!!!

Everyone here at SBS has gotten together to do this fun hop for Tamara's Birthday!!!  This is a fantastic image that was drawn by Betty so that we could help Tamara celebrate her birthday!! 

You should have come from Louise's blog here:


You're next stop is:   Celina ScrapVamp Matthews

Here is the blog hop list:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Sweet 16, Rio!!!
Today it is Rio's 16th birthday!!!  Woooohoooo!!!  This hop is dedicated to a wonderful and beautiful young lady that I just totally adore.  Well, on to the hop!!  Here is the card that I made for Rio and a bookmark to go along as I know how much she loves to read.  I really hope you like it Rio!!  :D

Great image drawn by Abigail Larson and generously given by Betty Roberts of SBS!!! 
The blog hop continues on with Jackie Randolph.  Here is the complete list:
Cynthia Cole will be on my Blog
Sheri Scraps
Jackie Randolph
Katya Bess
Wendy Billings
Kay Mowat
Celina Matthews
Trish TheDish Sakulich
Sam Slater Http://
Lisa Howell
Tanja Charles
Veronica Chasteen Rosenshein
Darcy Schroeder
Irene Chapmon Sherman
Nia Flannery
Emily Shroom
Jackie Maunder
Elisabete Oliveira Balcavage
Vanessa Bland
Lisa Lucas Nelson